De partea cealaltă a barierei: fundraiser vs donator?

FROM THE OTHER SIDE! by Alice Paterson

alice P

Having returned to work in the corporate sector after a 3 year stint at a charity, I am now able to gain the perspective of a donor again. This was something I struggled to do whilst fundraising for the NGO even though I had previously been working for a company and supported various causes.

When I was working as a fundraiser I was quite timid and was often apologetic about asking for donations, even though I believed very strongly that the NGO I was working for was worthy and deserved the support of the people and companies I was approaching.

I was always worrying about how busy these people were and how I might be annoying them by pestering them and asking for support. However, the reality is that busy people may just need a few gentle reminders.

I currently have the best intentions – to buy raffle tickets for my friend’s fundraising event, to buy tickets for a theater performance in aid of one of my favorite causes, to sponsor a friend to run a marathon and there are probably other things I have forgotten about because none of these things are top of my list of priorities.

I have a new job I am being paid to do and need to work hard to make a good impression, I have family commitments, I play in sports teams and have to train and get fit, I have friends I’d like to visit, and so my good intentions easily get pushed to the bottom of the list waiting for a day when I might have the time and energy to tackle them.

And so I am grateful to be reminded and encouraged to push these things to the top of my to-do list.

I also appreciate it when the charity makes it as easy as possible for me to support by explaining what is needed and the ways I can help. Persistence pays off (as long as it is in a friendly way).

Finally, always remember to THANK your supporters – everyone has a choice about who to make donations to.

In fact whether to even make a donation at all. I wish you success with your fundraising endeavours.”

I hope that some of that is useful.

Thanks, Alice

NOTĂ: Alice Paterson este din UK, dar cunoaște foarte bine piața de fundraising din România, fiind, timp de 3 ani, director de campanie pentru atragerea de fonduri pentru construcția unui nou Hospice în București. A reușit , împreună cu o întreagă echipă, un rezultat final de 5.700. 000 euro.


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